A Move Back Home From Home

So we’ve moved back to the Burren.  The last time we lived here, ‘we’ were a very newly married couple and now ‘we’ are four.  It’s been just over two years and there have been two babies and – let’s face it – a pretty major life overhaul.  When a work project for my husband brought us to East Cork it also brought a much-enjoyed stint in my native village of Carrigtwohill where my Granny grew up and her Granny before her.  You get the picture.  We were a 12-minute walk from my door-always-open-long-suffering-parents, within strolling distance of shops (including an Aldi, very important) and close to supportive, available friends, an indoor-play facility and a range of Mammy groups.  We were connected in many senses – by my roots and the N25.


Taken on one of the many walks-with-buggy over the road – some mind space for Mama

I’m definitely a sunny-side out person, so the move back home from home is being embraced.  We’re based on a small farm which is firmly part of my husband’s roots and on the cusp of a UNESCO global geopark – a truly beautiful, teeming-with-life place called The Burren (which means ‘great rock’ in case you’re ever asked in a table quiz).  The challenge?  I think when you’re a parent to small children with whom you spend every waking hour of every day with, keeping everyone alive and sane ranks quite highly.  But I’d like to add to that.  I’m searching for that feeling of connectedness for myself.  Am I aiming too high?  Here I’m a (dreaded) blow-in, Aldi is at least 25 minutes away and the telephone reception is beyond awful.  New activities, alliances and routines need to be sought out but we’ve made a start!  Many little steps have been taken (and this blog, perhaps a bigger step) but they’re all steps forward, so progress is being made.  I’ll fill you in when I know where we’re actually going!


No shortage of places to wander around for a small boy and his dog

The thing I’m finding is that life is a little quieter in the Burren.  So when we need some noise we’ll need to seek it out – but maybe when you’re already dealing with two babies, a little quiet can go a long way.

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